Thermal Resorts

Thermal Resorts

Vakıfbahçe (Çekirge) Thermal Springs: In the Çekirge neighborhood of Bursa, it is used by all the hotels in Çekirge, as well as the Military Hospital and the Çelik Palas. The bitter alkaline bicarbonate waters of this hot spring are used in bathing treatments for rheumatism, aching muscles, blood clots, diabetes, gout and disorders of the metabolic system. When drunk, it is good for liver and gall bladder conditions. Bademli Bahçe Thermal Springs: Between the center of Bursa and the neighborhood of Çekirge. There are 7 springs here. The Kükürtlü Hotel and the baths at Yeni Kaplıca, Kaynarca and Karamustafapaşa are connected to these springs. The water are sulphurous and radioactive. Bathing and drinking treatments have the same effects as was described above for the Vakıfbahçe springs. In addition the sulphurous waters are good for chronic infections and peripheral circulation.

Dümbüldek Thermal Springs:
Located in the village of Akarca 19 km from Mustafakemalpaşa, it has hotels and baths operated by the local municipality.

The bath treatments are good for aches and pains and because it helps peripheral circulation it reduces wrinkling and is good for the appearance of the skin. When drunk, it is effective in treating liver, stomach, intestine, pancreas and gall bladder disorders.

Gemlik (Terme) Thermal Springs: On the Umurbey road south of Gemlik, it has a 68-bed hotel, a restaurant and a pool. The spring waters are good for rheumatism, nephritis, mental fatigue and cardiovascular conditions.

Armutlu Thermal Springs: In the district of Gemlik 4 km north of Armutlu Bucağı, it is situated in a valley of forest and scrub trees and there are a number of springs along the creek bed, the most important of which are the springs of Küpeli and Hamam. There is a 72-bed tourist hotel with a restaurant that seats 90 as well as a Turkish Bath. Permission has been granted for the building of a 3 star hotel with 108 beds at the site. The hot springs treatments include bathing, drinking and mud baths and are good for rheumatism, gout, nephritis, skin conditions and gynecological disorders.